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Master Healer Tieng Yampho is a world authority in Thai Integrated Therapy for 19 years. He is known as a Master Healer with expertise in Thailand healing practices of combined pressure point therapy, heat treatment, deep tissue massage (sabat - chai massage techniques) and joint and bone manipulation and the use of ancient herbal remedies for modern - day maladies to help transform health and peace of mind. 

Master Healer Tieng Yampho has many followers and has helped people from many countries suffering from a wide variety of chronic conditions including chronic back pain, chronic headaches, weak muscle, knee problems, buttock pain, numbness, diabetes, depression, allergies, hormonal imbalance and alcoholism and on and on. 

Master Tieng Yampho travels extensively throughout the world, teaching other doctors and healers, consulting privately both from his home base in Bangkok, Thailand and outside of Thailand and giving talks on the practice of Thai Integrated Therapy, ancient deep tissue massage methods, ancient healing methods, their history, principles, processes and results.


About Master Tieng saying about that it is his mission to bring the benefits and secrets of Thai ancient healing combined with joint and bone manipulation into every heart and every home. Master Tieng's missions has led him so far to visit many countries : USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, China, etc. 

Many people from other countries have come to him to be helped with their chronic and acute health challenges, utilising the wisdom of Thai Ancient healing combined with his expertise in joint and bone manipulation. 

His teaching in Japan for more than 6 years has given great impact to students in Japan. His classes are designed based on real-life success cases and gives an opportunity to remove specific limiting beliefs to chronic health cases. He holds classes at his health school in Bangkok, Thailand known as Shiva Ashram, one of the best places in Thailand to learn Thai Integrated Therapy.

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